Garden Share connects people with unused garden space with people who want to garden but don’t have the space. One-third of the produce from each garden goes to the land-owner, one-third to the land-sharer,
and one-third to a local soup kitchen or social agency that distributes
food to people in need.


Have a garden space but don’t use it?
Land sharers, sign up here

Want to garden but don’t have the space?
Gardeners, sign up here

More about Garden Share…

You know the program is for you if:

  •          You have a nice sunny spot on your front or back yard that is just growing grass and dandelions;
  •         You have a garden plot that you haven’t been able to care for in recent years;
  •          You’d like to have the opportunity to share your yard and some of your time with someone who wants to grow food with you;
  •         You’d like to help a “wannabe” gardener get their hands dirty and their green thumb working; or
  •          You’re that wannabe gardener who is landless and would welcome the opportunity to have access to plot and to share the fruits of your labour with the person who helped make it possible, and with other neighbours who need and appreciate the help that you can provide!

If any of the above apply, then Garden Share is for you! Sign up and we will come and help dust off that neglected overgrown garden and top it up with some excellent quality garden soil. Or if you are ready to part with some of that boring grass, we will help build a wood frame, cover the grass inside it with a few layers of cardboard and then top it up with soil and – Voilà! Instant shared garden. Sign up today!

For more information, please contact the Garden Share Program Coordinator, Tracy Groenewegen, at [email protected]

Sustainable South Osborne thanks the Cooperators IMPACT! Fund for supporting Garden Share.