The South Osborne Intergenerational Garden Projects are a network of community gardening programs that you can join for free! 

SSOCC_registernowParticipants include a wide range of community members, including folks
from the local day cares, schools, Health Centre, the community centres –
sign up today and be a part of of one the many diverse and inclusive common gardens in our community!


1.      Riverview Garden Society Intergenerational Garden – We have two allotment plots in the Riverview Garden Society garden beside the river.  This beautiful site has a large, well-developed garden with wood-chip paths, 4 large raised beds, compost bins and water cube and water trough.  This site is assisted with help from a gardening club from Riverview Community Centre and has hosted day camp activities in the summer.  The site has a steward gardener and we need 4 more people to help run it.

2.      Lord Roberts Community Centre Garden – This beautiful triangular site has raised beds, a hoop house, compost bins, and water containers.  It also has a green space with berry bushes and picnic tables. This site is assisted with help from the daycare children at Lord Roberts Community Centre and has also shared some space with children from Lord Roberts School.  The site needs a steward gardener as well as 5 more people to help run it.

3.      Lord Roberts School Courtyard Garden – This site has two small raised beds and a vertical wire wall to support the growth of tomatoes, cucumbers and beans which are grown in 5 gallon self-watered container gardens.  There are also plans to make a vertical garden using evestroughing to raise lettuce and other greens.  This site has its own water supply.  We need 2 or 3 people to help run it in the summer evening with the Lord Roberts School gardening club.

4.      Darling Accessible Garden – a charming raised garden-bed with a boardwalk perimeter perfect for wheelchair access. This garden project is a partnership with the Riverview Health Centre. We need 4 participants in this project.

5.      The Greenhouse – a residential greenhouse space that we can use from May 1st to July 31st to start seedlings for our various garden projects. We need 6 participants to run the greenhouse.

6.      Riverview Community Centre Hoophouse and Permaculture Garden – located behind the Centre’s soccer fields, this space has a large hoophouse, berry bushes, a compost bin, picnic tables, water cube and will be home to a exciting permaculture development course and installment this summer. We need 6 motivated people to run this site.


There are many good reasons for  working to increase our ability to grow some of our own food in our neighbourhood. It is fun. It helps rebuild the knowledge of how to meet one of our most basic need by doing it ourselves.  It helps us preserve the knowledge of elder members of our community and reskill the rest of us who need to know where food comes from and how to encourage its production. It ensures that the food we eat is fresh and free of harmful chemicals.  It provides an opportunity to get to know our neighbours, share our stories, swap our seeds,  trade our secrets of how we grew that perfect tomato, carrot, eggplant, potato, or that pumpkin that is so big that you can’t even lift it anymore. Leaning over our garden fences to see how things are growing provides that slow, warm, and friendly chatter which is fertile ground for new found friends and welcoming neighbours. There are so many other wonderful fruits and vegetables that we can grow in our yards, parks, open spaces, schoolyards, community club grounds, and other warm and sunny spots that are currently doing little more than growing grass. These little miracles bring joy, peace, and hope to our hearts; they are truly awesome and when we participate in cultivating the bounty of nature, our children have an opportunity to participate in this pageantry with wide-eyed enthusiasm. It adds to the quality of all our lives and makes this neighbourhood a terrific place to live.